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Planet Network International (PNI) is a global telecommunication servicing company operating in Western Europe, the Middle East & Africa, North and South America. The company has extensive know-how …

Business Values

For national or local regulatory missions

  • Cost-effective, risk-free and fast deployment
  • Brings value to all telecom stakeholders (governments, regulators, operators and subscribers)
  • Nurture positive market competition
  • Evidences for penalties or legal enforcement
  • Efficient and cost-effective public information and awareness campaigns
  • Open platform to provide value-added data & services to operators and subscribers
  • Very few resources / OPEX required to administrate and operate the platform
Quote from the CEO

“Deliver software and service assurance solutions that offers Regulatory Authorities, cutting-edge capabilities to better measure, monitor, report and manage operators’ quality of service (QoS) without compromising the level playing field.”
—Christian Blanchard