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Advanced solutions for telecom regulatory authorities

New visual identity
New ambitions

PNI unveils its new logo and its new graphic identity

More modern, more dynamic, this new logo captures our vision to position PNI as the leader in solutions for Telecommunications Regulatory Authorities on the African continent and beyond. Our high value-added solutions and our technological advance are at the genesis of this change that we will unveil at the MWC show in Barcelona.

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10+ yearsof expertise
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50+ employees
50+ employeesworldwild
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about us

PLANET NETWORK INTERNATIONAL is a leading solutions provider on mobile network monitoring for Telecommunications Regulatory Authorities. PNI assists the latter in fulfilling their QoS supervision mandate as required by their national laws, while delivering value for operators and users.

Our products

RPM SYSTEM (REGULATORY PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT) is a turnkey system for monitoring the performance and traffic of mobile, multi-operator networks. Non-intrusive, flexible and scalable, it combines an extended control capacity with a preventive and cooperative approach, for regulators: it is a catalyst for economic growth.

Delivered Quality of Service is our application that allows you to visualize in near real-time the quality of service of telecommunication operators in a given territory.

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The company has extensive know-how and a proven track record of over 10 years in the telecommunication market, serving more than 50 renowned customers in 12 countries.

Deliver software and service assurance solutions that offers Regulatory Authorities, cutting-edge capabilities to better measure, monitor, report and manage operators’ quality of service (QoS) without compromising the level playing field.

Christian Blanchard – CEO

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