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Planet Network International (PNI) is a global telecommunication servicing company operating in Western Europe, the Middle East & Africa, North and South America.

The company has extensive know-how and a proven track record of over 10 years in the telecommunication market, serving more than 50 renowned customers in 12 countries.

PNI invests significantly in developing cutting-edge products and solutions while exploiting its advanced in-house R&D center. Its international customer base consists of mobile telecom operators, and majorly Telecom Regulatory authorities.

PNI is innovating in monitoring QoS of service providers, for over 7 years, having successfully deployed its QoS monitoring product-RPM SYSTEM with numerous Telecom Regulators globally.

The company offers next-generation, revenue-generating service platforms in the area of policy management and enforcement solutions.

Planet Network International (PNI), the Regulators’ go-to expert for solving the most complex QoS challenges collaborates with Regulators and major equipment vendors worldwide.

Planet Network International combines its product offering with a complete range of professional, consulting, technical support, training and management services.

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Planet Network International (PNI) was created in 2005. PNI was born thanks to the pooling of skills of experts and engineers working in the field of telecommunications and space science for 20 years.

PNI is a software products and services company dedicated to regulatory compliance assurance. It develops advanced solutions to monitor network performance and compliance metrics.

Its RPM System™ is broadly adopted and recognized as the de-facto standard for proactive regulatory supervision. It serves the regulatory authorities but also helps the operators to comply with their obligations.

The company’s headquarters is in Toulouse, France, while its subsidiaries span in Africa, and North America and soon in Middle East.

Christian Blanchard, CEO PNI

Support, training & Services

Planet Network International’s subsidiaries, in Americas, Africa are structured to provide local support and a set of trainings to take full advantage of the RPM System™.

Customers can also request technical assistance for ad-hoc consulting, analysis and audit missions, as well as extended configurations or customizations of the RPM System™.

technical efficiency at PNI

Management Team

Gorgui NIANG, IT Engineer
Tahitii OBIOHA , Radio Network Planning & Optimisation Engineer

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