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About us

PLANET NETWORK INTERNATIONAL is a leading solutions provider on mobile network monitoring for Telecommunications Regulatory Authorities. PNI assists the latter in fulfilling their QoS supervision mandate as required by their national laws, while delivering value for operators and users.


The scalable products, as well as the services provided by PNI Experts make it possible to meet the needs of the complete value chain of telecommunications regulatory authorities: QoS, QoE, public portal analysis of data from different sources thus making it possible to draw up a most representative mapping of Coverage and Quality of Service information in a country, these are PNI’s ambitions in 2022.

Thanks to its team of experts employed since 2005, PNI successfully meets the needs of regulators beyond their expectations. The growth and reputation of the company is supported by the way we defend our core values which are Responsiveness, Quality, Trust, and Innovation.

All these values converge towards our commitment to deliver maximum satisfaction to our clients and stakeholders. This requirement is at the heart of PNI’s success and orientation and guarantees, as well as the key to its limitless achievements. The company’s reputation is supported by the way we defend our core values which is the cement of our progress.

Support, training & Services

Planet Network International’s subsidiaries, in Americas, Africa are structured to provide local support and a set of trainings to take full advantage of the RPM System™.

Customers can also request technical assistance for ad-hoc consulting, analysis and audit missions, as well as extended configurations or customizations of the RPM System™.


Pooling the skills of experts and engineers working in the field of telecommunications and space sciences for 20 years.



Has been working in the field of telecommunications for almost 35 years. He holds an Engineering degree from the Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse (INPT) and a Masters in Marketing from Toulouse Business School (TBS). He worked for 10 years at the European Space Center as Quality Director for satellites. Then, he worked in mobile networks for ORANGE in the Caribbean as Director of Transmission and in France for Bouygues Telecom and France Telecom in Planning and Optimization of networks.

Tahitii OBIOHA

Radio Network Performance Engineer
Analytics & Customizations

Is a Telecom Engineer who studied in UK. He worked on the deployment of 2G, 3G and 4G networks in France with equipment manufacturers Ericsson and Huawei. Tahitii has been with PNI since its creation and participates in the meetings of the International Telecommunications Union in Geneva as an Expert Engineer and Rapporteur on Quality of Service. He has also been a member of IEEE since 2004.

Gorgui NIANG

IT Engineer

Is an IT and Telecom Engineer having studied in France, then he joined PNI at its creation. He has worked on audits of 2G, 3G and 4G mobile networks in France and abroad as well as on the planning, optimization of 2G, 3G and 4G networks.
He is in charge of installing PNI solutions with regulators as well as support.

Kevin Dupas


Full-stack developer

Kevin Dupas, who joined PNI in 2018, currently holds the position of full-stack developer. His strong commitment to research and development demonstrates his dedication to PNI’s progress. He is not only responsible for designing and deploying new applications but also contributes to shaping the future of the company by identifying and leveraging the latest technological trends to enhance and expand PNI’s service offerings.



Computer Engineer

Romain Gonçalves is a Computer Engineer with 12 years of experience in web application development and project management for medium and large-scale clients. He joined PNI in 2020 to oversee the development and maintenance of applications.

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