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100% supplier for Telecommunications Regulatory Authorities:
To avoid conflicts of interest, PNI does not work for mobile operators, as solution providers.


Recognized as an expert company in telecommunications for 15 years, including at the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), PNI follows and participates actively in the QoS standardization activities of ITU-T’s Study Group 12.

Its solutions are multi-technology and multi-equipment manufacturers:
PNI has 90% of the software solutions used by all operators around the world on the shelf.

A 360° vision
of mobile network performance, both at the level of network equipment (QoS) and also from an end-user point of view (QoE)


Wide range of services, from training to on-site expertise

The best Database
of benchmark KPIs


A single solution for multiple QoS/QoE needs, traffic and transaction monitoring working with mobile payment, fraud detection and SIM card enrollments

Innovation :
on mobile networks, both at the level of network equipment (QoS) but also from an end user point of view (QoE)

Multi-supports PNI’s solutions

RPM System (Regulatory Performance Management System) is a turnkey system for monitoring the performance and traffic of mobile, multi-operator networks. Non-intrusive, flexible and scalable, it combines an extended control capacity with a preventive and cooperative approach, for regulators: it is a catalyst for economic growth.


Field-proofed solution for regulatory authorities
Assist, adapt and automate all aspects of regulator’s missio
Support mobile, fixed or converged networks
Fast turn-key set-up within multi-vendor / multi-technology
Flexible, open, multi-tenant and scalable 24/7 QoS & network performance monitoring
Easy to comply to, proactive approach beneficial to operators
Leverage and confront both data from operators and independently-collected data
Accelerate claim or dispute evidence gathering
Easy report creation and publication

Planet Networks International (PNI) is pioneering a new way for regulatory authorities to fulfill their supervisory mission while providing the highest value to operators and subscribers. The Regulatory Performance Management (RPM) System ™ is a turn-key multi-operator Network Performance and Quality monitoring platform. Non-intrusive, scalable, flexible and evolutionary, it combines an extensive controlling capability with a preventive and cooperative approach, catalyzer of economic growth.

Aligned to ITU & ETSI recommendations, leveraging 3GPP KPI CO-OP initiative, the RPM System™ can handle multi-vendor and multi-technology networks. 24/7, it tracks network availability, service accessibility and stability, as well as service integrity and quality.

Degradation trends are automatically detected and proactively escalated for resolution by non-complying operators. Many parameters are captured and recorded to ensure compliance with regulations and contractual commitments. Qualitative and quantitative QoS information can be visualized on tables or maps by the regulatory authority, and summary reports can easily be published as a public service.

Architected as an open platform, the RPM system™ can be enriched with many data sources such as drive-test results, electromagnetic field measurements, CDR or BSS data. The regulatory authority can then expand the capability to spectrum enforcement, Quality of Experience (QoE) monitoring, strategic capacity planning and reconciliation of revenues or interconnection fees.


Planet Network International (PNI) supplies MVG provides RF Safety Products to Telecom regulators for monitoring the electromagnetic field level and compare them to the regulatory limits, also to address public concern through appropriate communication in case of potential overexposure. Here are some of the products below.

EME Spy 200
A portable dosimeter for continuous measurements of human exposure level to electromagnetic fields.
It monitors the electronomagnetic field within specific geographical areas.
INSITE Free performs spot measurements.

Delivered. Quality of Service

We have developed an application that formats the mobile network Quality of Service (QoS)

Easy access to the application from the website of the Telecoms Regulatory in your country
Quick search via geolocalisation,customizable shortcuts, and a search bar
Results can be visualised for a giving operator per technology on a country level, regional level down to district.
Customizable visuals according to your demand

Associated Services

PNI also offers a wide range of associated services such as product customization to ensure adaptation to the telecommunications regulatory environment of each country as well as training.

Aligned with ITU and ETSI recommendations, leveraging the 3GPP KPI CO-OP initiative, RPM System can manage mobile networks: multi-vendor and multi-technology. 24/7, it monitors network availability, service accessibility and stability, as well as service integrity and quality.